Spray Tanning

Sun ProtectionToo much sun exposure and self medicating with Retin A can actually increase the aging process! Many women think that Retin A is beneficial, but unfortunately what it does is thin the skin, which in time can make you look older than you really are.

Try our polishing chemical resurfacing treatment, Dermalogica skin care products, or a glowing spray tan to feel a healthy, safe renewal! The therapists at Upstage Beauty will help you will experience a change in mind, body and spirit! Trust Upstage Beauty to take care of all your skincare needs and help rediscover your inner smile!

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Norvell Spray Tanning

We use quality products to give you quality results here at Upstage Beauty, which is why we use the Norvell Spray Tanning System on our clients. The pigment takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to fully develop on the skin. The action of DHA (which is the ingredient that makes your skin darker) is limited to the upper layer of the skin. Pigment development involves a reaction between DHA, Skin Proteins and Oxygen to produce the brown compounds, which explains the increased development over a 2-4 hour period. The Norvell Spray Tanning usually lasts 5-7 days, and begins to slowly fade as the top layer of the skin naturally exfoliates.

Menu of Tanning Services

  • One Spray(1) – $40
  • Two Sprays(2) – $75
  • Three Sprays(3) – $110
  • Four Sprays(4) – $150
  • Ten Sprays (10) – $380
  • Mobile Spray Tanning -$60

Spray TanDon’t forget to inquire about our auto draft/recurring payment options for spray tanning services!

We offer partial body spray prices as well, ask our skin expert for details!

Upstage Beauty offers SPRAY TANNING PARTIES!! Ask our certified spray tan technician for prices today! Receive significant discounts for booking a party of 5 or more!