Be True To Yourself

You never know what God has in store for you, or when it’s going to happen. Let me be the one to tell you that the power of prayer works!…That did not happen by chance, it’s a God thing.


I believe everyone was born with a gift. Not everyone is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. That something is the thing that makes you happy. So many people live lives that are not their own, or a life that they may not enjoy. For example as kids we may hear we should be a doctor, lawyer, or teacher, which is all good & well, but what if our calling is to help women with domestic violence? Everyone has a past and most of what we’ve all gone through made us who we are today. We can either choose to play a victim all our lives or take charge of what it is we really like.

Everyone has a cross to bear, but God took it all for us. We each have the seed of Christ inside us, we have to choose to change the road of the past mindset. We have to choose drinking from the well of life versus just living a mediocre life. God didn’t want us to live a life that we’re not happy with. He wants us to heal the wounded and help the needy. He wants us to be fruitful in all things and help bring people up to a new level, not bring them down. If you see someone thriving and you want to be that way, place yourself around people that celebrate you versus tolerate you! This book goes through many reasons and explanations of how to tap into your inner destiny! Find who you truly are! Start your trip to finding the true you today!


If you are the type of person that wants a positive change in your life, or perhaps a new way of life; you should definitely get your copy of Ashley’s book, “Be True To Yourself”. In it she covers several topics that touch on depths of your inner self you may have never even knew existed! This book will change readers thoughts about themselves by reflecting your “true self” to your own reflection. That is one way to tap into your inner destiny, what God made you for! We all were created with a God given purpose, access yours today!

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