About Your Skin Expert

Ashley Reece

Licensed Esthetician/Author
Certifications: Eyelash Technician, Chemical Peel & Cosmeceuticals, Intradermal Pigmentation Artist, Microdermabrasion with Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Spray Tanning Certified, Holy Fire Reiki Master, International Makeup Artistry, JuicePlus Representative

Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m a licensed esthetician  located in Wilmington, NC, and have been in the business for over twelve years. I enjoy treating and correcting different skin issues, as well as advising my clients on a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to skincare I am a nerd! I enjoy learning constantly about the skin and helping improve certain conditions. There are a lot of things that can be done at home as well in the treatment room to get great results. I am a personal trainer for your skin! You can not expect to go to the gym once a month and be fit; you have to go several times a month to be proactive and see results. As your skin therapist, I also make sure that you are remembering to take care of yourself, not just being a mom or just running errands. I become several things to my clients; a friend, a skin therapist, a counselor, life coach, whichever you prefer!

What sets us apart? Well…Upstage Beauty Inc. does not provide services for just skincare but also skin health and nutrition! We have formed a community of healthy, happy people that love growing, prospering and developing to the best “self” we can be!

In this moment time stopped! These two are my everything!

I love a good challenge and every person varies greatly, hopefully you will find your way towards the right direction. Stop looking in the mirror and not feel good about/or like what you see. Come see me and we will overcome your skin problems together. Beauty starts within, all we have to do is unfold each layer to see the natural beauty and smile inside!

I enjoy life with my  two beautiful little girls; Brooke Jewel, Skylar Nevaeh, and my two dogs!  I am blessed to share my success with my rock, (God alone) along with my blessed family and friends.  I believe everything happens for a reason good or bad, it’s what you do with the result that makes a difference.

Women…never give up on finding your dreams, be diligent in your prayers for your future, I have been truly blessed by my family and you can be too!