May is the longest month of the year!!



Attachment-1So they say it’s the longest month of the year, let’s use our time wisely and get our mind, body & spirit in a great synergy with health and wellness. Summer is right around the corner and our skin is going to start taking a beating from the heat , salt water , pool water, or dehydration 🙁 Let’s hydrate and heal our bodies the way we should’ve been doing the whole year! Pickup a copy of “Be True to Yourself” at Wilmington Lady Fitness tomorrow and meet Ashley! You can even book your next apt then if needed she’s always looking to help ladies achieve the goals they have for themselves but we must first set them for ourselves. We can sit pretty reading a book outside with the proper spf of Dermalogica skin care products! And knowing we’re going to give this “aging” process a run for it’s money! You can have a professional skin care regimen in a very affordable budget! Search through these pages to find out more about yourself and how to care for your skin!