Heads, Hearts, & Hands

Count your Blessings! Ladies, we often get caught up in the worldly, daily, struggles of life and we forget or take for granted the little things/blessings God’s given us. this situation is related to the book of Gideon in the Bible. Where the people got comfortable in the blessings that God gave them and forgot to teach their kids about him. the result was a lost generation of children that didn’t know God. Ladies, I don’t want to get on my soap box but we have to teach our kids the foundation of Jesus for them to have a solid ground to walk on. We as a sister hood need to have ears that are open and humility to listen to advice. May it be the advice of other ladies, friends or coworkers; on life, kids, or anything. We all can learn especially if we listen!! God raises up people in this chaos to help people understand & deliver them. He comes up with the solution to help people be accountable for their own actions. And in this world today too many people want to hide and deflect their things on others when they really need to search their hearts and see why they are so troubled. There’s a root to everything, tonight search yourself and find where you need to dig up some bad soil and put fresh nourishment at. If you need more love in your environment attend a church or get into a social group that may help you live the life you always dreamed!

In life it's not the breaths you take but what takes your breath away that you remember!

In life it’s not the breaths you take but what takes your breath away that you remember!