Tis the Season of giving!

Give thanks to someone today! Everyone doesn’t have what the other has, so share your wealth today weather it may be a kind comment, lunch or a smile! We have a ton to do this holiday season, let’s not forget the true meanings behind each event. Please encourage that conversation at the dinner table tonight with your friends or family members. Try daily to make yourself become the best you can be and you will see a chain reaction with firends, family and coworkers. Know don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect just perhaps minor things that you may think someone close to you would love help with! Count your blessings and give thanks this holiday season! Encourage, inspire, and bring people to God’s word! That’s what I try to do daily, it’s just a bonus that God gave me the gift of skincare to have a wonderful ministry to my ladies! God Bless!inspire