Give thanks today!

Thank you to all the ladies that came to the Tmuffin Event last night, we had a great turnout and brought great awareness to our health and beauty, we are what we eat! Here’s a challenge checkout your daily supplements and see if they are even FDA approved or anything approved! You would be amazed at what we put into our bodies not even knowing it! You don’t have to be rich to have organic things in your life!

Our creative table at Tmuffin; jewelry by Britt's Pretties, somatic sunglasses, dermalogica ski care, juice plus, and owner local children's author Georgia's book!

Our creative table at Tmuffin; jewelry by Britt’s Pretties, somatic sunglasses, dermalogica skin care, juice plus, and local children book author Mimi St. Claire!

Sundays are days of reflection and family time. ┬áRealize that you can do all things through Christ that gives you strength! Anytime I’m in a time of trial I take my burden to the cross, only through God can you live burden free! So many people live on medications that prob. could be not taken if they ate , lived, and had Christ in them, now some things I know you may need to take but healthy living is easier thank you think. Your body is Gods temple we must treat it that way! Encouragement is a big deal to me, and it’s important that we encourage others and help guide some to get over their mountains in their life! Just something to think about!