Ladies checkout what’s new!

Ladies, October is here and the resurfacing treatments are a must! All of us are experiencing the dry, dehydrated skin from the weather changes or the hormonal out breaks with the stress of another school year! Tap into your youth with a glycolic peel! They are on special this month buy one get one half off! As well as trying the dermarolling treatments as a add on to your facial treatment this month for only $30!

Words of Encouragement for Today:
What dwells within us often reflects on our outward appearance or personality. Try to start recongnizing different things that may set you off or aggreivate you and ask yourself, why? For example why am I so tried all the time? Perhaps you , yourself aren’t refreshing yourself as much as you do others. Turn to a friend for comfort or even a hug. Try to start doing at least one thing a month for yourself, for your own happiness! And if you’re one that has no problem in that department try to help others or do something thoughtful for a friend in need! And for those ladies looking for a partner in life, remember you can’t love someone else in a healthy way without loving yourself first! Step away from the busy day to day tasks for a hr or 30min andjust be in reflection of thankfulness!